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How do I set Slave Function for 470ex-ai speedlite

New Contributor


I am trying to set my 470ex-ai speedlite to slave mode and I can't figure out anywhere how to do so. I know that the terminology has been changed in the manual, but that being said, I still can't find anything in the manual or online that explains how to set the flash to slave mode. I know that there is a wireless triggering option but I just want the flash to fire as a result of another flash. Does anyone know how to set this?


Respected Contributor

Your Canon 470EX AI will not operate as a simple optical slave.


No Canon flash ever made can “fire as result of another flash”. There are some 3rd party flash units that can act as a simple optical slave, but not Canon.


Canon EX flash units use a proprietary optical system using coded light signals. Canon EX RT units use radio signals.


You need to use a Canon camera or flash that incorporates the Canon “Master” proprietary optical system.

Mike Sowsun
80D, 5D Mk III

New Contributor
Thank you, that’s good to know. This is the first canon flash I’ve owned/used prior to this I’ve always used 3rd party set ups. Thank you.