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Eos R5c 8k Files not visible in window explorer


I have purchased a Canon R5c and shot a video in 8k Raw Light at 60fps. when connecting to my windows 11 computer, in explorer there is no video while it is visible in the camera. The files does not show. Any thoughts. Since I cannot see the file, i cannot work on it in a computer environment. While video shot in 4k and normal pictures are visible. I have tried dpp4, no luck with that. Canon Transfer utility only sees pictures. I am stumped. Any help would be appreciated. thanks




I suggest you grab Canon Cinema RAW Development or Davinci Resolve Studio.  The Canon program is free.  Davinci Resolve is free for 4K, but you have to buy Studio if you want 8K support.


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Hi, sorry for the slow reply, but I just got myself organised to try this on my R5C.

Basically, get a CFExpress type B card reader, and use that to plug the memory card directly to your computer.  (This is how I always do it anyways, which is why I haven't seen this issue before.)

When you record MP4 the videos go into a folder on the memory card called "DCIM".  RAW movies, however, go into a folder called "CRM".  So far so good.

However when you connect the camera to the computer with USB, the camera for some reason hides the "CRM" folder!  (Also the "CONTENTS" folder.)  This is completely insane, and I have no idea why they would do this.  All I see is "DCIM" and "MISC".

So, to see all your files, it looks like the USB connection won't work.  (I think it's because they use PTP to transfer files, which is archaic garbage; MTP would be a smarter choice.)  Use a card reader, and you should see all the files on the memory card.

Plug-ins and drivers and so on are irrelevant.  Windows Explorer should be able to see all the files that the camera shows it, regardless of what format they are.  If you want thumbnails and previews to show up in Windows Explorer, then you would need the right plug-ins, but without them, you should at the very least see generic file icons.


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