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EOS C100 won't power on, fuses suspected


Hello. I have a C100 that will not power on. Aside from the flip-up LCD which is obviously shattered, I can't find any obvious faults. The only suspect is a fuse that does not seem to be reading correctly. All eight fuses have 8.4 v at one pad but only seven have 8.4 v at the second pad. Fuse labeled FU3204 reads 0 v on pad two. It shows as a diode when tested for continuity. Can anyone tell me if these measurements are expected or if the fuse is blown? The fuse with the pad circled in red is the suspect component.


Macro of the fusesMacro of the fuses



Are you sure those are fuses, not diodes?  A diode will show voltage in one direction only. Did you switch meter leads around when you check the suspect component?


Those are not fuses.  They are electronic components, like resistors, capacitors, or (as normadel pointed out) diodes.  The readings you get from them will depend on the circuits they are wired into.  So, without a complete circuit diagram for that PCB, I suspect there's no point in poking aroud with a voltmeter.  In any case, they are not user-replacable.

I'm sorry that your camera doesn't power on, but I suspect that you may not be able to repair it.  You say the LCD is shattered, so there may be other damage which simply isn't visible.  For example, those PCBs have multiple layers (could be dozens) each containing thin copper traces. If at some point the PCB got flexed too much, one of those traces could have broken, leaving it non-functional, and there's basically no way you could ever see that.

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