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imagePROGRAF TC-20M - False Paper Jam Error (Error 1300)


I JUST YESTERDAY received a USED Canon TC-20M roll printer from Adorama. Upon receipt it just says error code "1300" "paper jam". The person at Adorama is in another country and I can't understand her accent! So, before I FIGHT WITH THEM to send me a return call tag, I thought I'd ask here.
The TC-20/TC-20M is a NEW line and so there's not much info or expertise on them as yet.
It ONLY shows this paper jam screen and there is NO PAPER that is actually jammed!
Is there a way to get into service mode? OR... Is there a way to RESET the printer?
I'm a large-format printing tech at my day job and wanted this for my home printer... so I DO know a thing or two about printers and I don't see ANY hint of an actual paper jam anywhere.
I wondered about a firmware upgrade... but again... I can't get into any menus.
I'm very, VERY frustrated that I can't get any reasonable help about this.



Hi, I would try turning it on with the paper feed open and see if it starts up with a different error code to close the feed door or drawer. Maybe this will get you into the firmware update.

I would also double check there isn't a pesky tiny piece of paper torn from a previous paper jam. You can do so by getting a piece of card stock, trim it to maybe 2-3" x however long you need it and floss the printer along the route the paper is fed through from one side to the other. Sometimes the sensors are really picking something up. Be gentle with it. Make the clamp is loose, if there is one. But I've found little scraps. The worst was a copier that had a piece of paper crumpled between the motor assembly and the back of the machine. As you open the machine everything would be functioning fine, then when I'd close it all up I'd keep getting errors. It took months to find it and when I did it worked so much better!

I appreciate the input, Josh, Thanks!
Good suggestions. I've done each of those things without success, unfortunately.
So... this morning I've packed that massive printer back up and got a UPS call tag. I'm headed out to the UPS store in a few minutes.
LOLOL The thing was TOO huge for my small apartment anyways!!!! I don't know what I was thinking!
I think Providence stepped in and said... NO WAY! lololol
Cheers! (No I have to figure out how to close out this thread! 🙂

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