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Pro-1000 network traffic

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Hi, hello from Scotland.


I've just noticed in my router's Traffic Analyzer that my Pro-1000 seemed to be downloading 100s of MB from Google without asking. This has been going on for at least a month but maybe forever. All these MB don't seem to be going anywhere.


The printer is connected via wire to my router and has a fixed IP address. In Win10, the printer was shown using a WSD (Web Services for Devices?) port, I removed that port and uninstalled the printer. Reinstalled it to use a std tcp/ip port. The downloads continued so, in the router settings, I blocked printer access to the internet. This has stopped the downloads but I don't know what else has been stopped (obviously firmware update checks at least)


I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this "phenomenon"




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Arth,


The Pro-1000 printer does have the option for web services, so you can try going into the settings and resetting any web service settings. You can view, the settings using the steps provided HERE. You can also try going into the network settings on the printer and clearing out the DNS server address but, it would stop you from performing firmware updates. If you are not in the US, I would suggest checking with Canon UK to see what specific web services your printer uses and what the information is for.

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Thanks for reply and suggestions Hector. 


It's not registered for Google Cloud Print or IJ Cloud Print but I can't remember if that's the default or if I've cleared those at some point while blundering around trying to find out what was going on...


The DNS is set to my router IP, again not sure if that's the default or if I've set it.


Using WSD does seem to be the default on printer installation and in settings there's a request to let it send usage info through the internet - that wouldn't explain the literally hundreds of MB that were coming my way from though..


I'm not bothered about automatic firmware updates, can do those manually if/when required and I get the feeling that Canon is probably more or less done with this model, been wrong before though.


Given you're the only person to reply in ~2 months I guess that answers my question if anyone else here has noticed this phenomenon Smiley Happy


I seem to vaguely remember a post on FM, many months ago, about the same thing but can't find it now (of course)


Thanks again for taking the time to reply