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PPL install on Mac M1 Monterey fails to show up in Photoshop CC


Running a new MacBook Pro M1 with Monterey and have installed the latest PPL and it fails to show up in the Automate menu in Photoshop.  Does anyone have a solution to this issue?



What is PPL and what does it have to do with Canon?

PPL = Canon’s Professional Print and Layout software.


I suggest you talk to adobe, but if you are running Photoshop in M1 native and PPL is under Rosetta, it might not be seen. Try running Photoshop under Rosetta.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello TodColbert,

Once you download and install Professional Print and Layout, you can go into your applications folder and under Canon Utilities you will find the plug-in installer. You can open the the folder for Professional Print and Layout and double click on the installer. It will search your computer for any compatible programs and install the plug in. If it does not find it, you can click on the browse option and manually select the plug-in folder for your program.

Hector, thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately, that is what I have done and the installer indicated that it was successful but does not show up in Photoshop. I’ll just live with it as a stand alone I guess. But thank you again.