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PIXMA MG3620 Trying to Connect to New Wi-Fi


hello, I have a mg3620 series printer and I'm trying to connect it to a new Wi-Fi connection, but for some reason when I try to set it up on my computer or on an iOS system it's not letting me change the connection and it shows me a ssid number. which I'm not sure what to do with this info. I'm not a tech savvy person so if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it



We can try to help, but will need some additional information please.

Printer is MG3620

Drivers for your device are here:

Support | MG Series - Inkjet | PIXMA MG3620 | Canon USA

Wireless set up and help here:

Support | MG Series - Inkjet | PIXMA MG3620 | Canon USA


When you say "your computer" is that a PC or MAC?  What OS and build?

Tell us about the device you are connecting to..  (pick one) like your router and tell us more about how it is configured? 

Final note, your printer can only connect to a 2.4Ghz wireless broadcast, not 5Ghz.  If your router is dual or tri-band and you are using the same SSID (network name) for all broadcasts, the printer might have difficulty connecting.

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