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can't connect wifi sx710 hs on mac siera

New Contributor


I've got a new Mac Pro -IOS Siera and am trying to connect my SX710 hs via wifi (or cable)

both are not working.

I also have an iPad air and iPhone 6s - can't connect camera via wifi either.

I've searched through YouTube and can't see any videos describing how to connect the SX710 hs, (lots of earlier or later versions of the camera)

the manual book doesn't help with trouble shooting issues.


Please help



Super Contributor

Hello EveFo! 

Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thank you for your inquiry!


For assistance with connecting your PowerShot SX710 HS to your computer please follow the steps here: For steps on how to connect your camera to your Iphone please go to the following link:

If you try this and are still having trouble, we suggest reaching out to Canon in your country. Please click CONTACT US and choose your region. 


We hope this information was helpful! 

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I've been down this path. Evntually I logged a call with Canon Australia Reference number: [number removed per forum guidelines]

who bluntly said that It wont work with an Apple using OS X and had no interest whatever in raising the issue further up the suppirt chain


Just yesterday i upgraded to Sierra and tried it all again even downloading the latest canon files. Still it does not work.


The camera can 'see' my MAC on the wifi, no trouble at all, but it can't and won't connect to it and Canon apparently could care less. Oddly enough, my EOS works just fine with its app on the MAC.


I also reported another problem, which you might like to check out as well, and thatis that Canon only use 11 chanels for wifi, whereas most routers use 13 and are set to Auto to find a chanel to use. So if your router goes to 12 or 13, your canon will stop talking to your computers



Canberra Australia