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SX50HS - Cannot access sepia and blue color tones?

New Contributor



Help will be appreciated.


I have a Canon SX50HS. I have tried at least 20 times to access the Sepia and Blue color tone selections in the DISP. menu when shooting in monochrome (as described on page 98 of the User Guide).


I simply do not see these choices. The HDR - Monochrome shooting mode only allows Black&White, I just don't see the Color Tone selection bar that the guide has on page 98.


Can anyone tell me what I am doing wring here?





New Contributor

I just did that on my SX50. The dial on top has to be on the mark that looks like overlapping rings. Press the FUNC SET, make sure that the icon that is a square with the open triangle is chosen, press the FUNCT SET again to choose that and then select the color by clicking on the DISP button which brings up the color choces. Pressing on the ring to the right or left changes color, choose DISP again to take photos.