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SX280 - battery life shooting video

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I apologize to the forum for mixing two different problems.  They are unrelated.


Problem #1:  User error.  I thought I was using a class 6 SD card but I was wrong. The yellow "!" indicates a pathologically slow card.  Upgrading to a class 10 resolved this problem.


Problem #2: UNRESOLVED.  Red battery indicator comes on prematurely.  On a fresh charge, it'll turn red after recording for a couple of minutes.  On a partially drained battery, it turns red immediately upon entering movie mode or pressing the record button.  Turn the camera off and then right back on in "still" mode and it shows full charge and works fine ... until trying to shoot video.  I have not precisely measured recording times but it'll record for at least 20 (maybe 30?) minutes while flashing red.




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hmm.. I always just click the Topic Options pulldown at the top of this page and select unsubscribe.. works every time, but resubscribes you everytime you make a new post.

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Thats what I did, clicked unsubscribe.


I'm not so happy about Canon now... they seemed to have become 'sloppy' - just like their ink tanks getting smaller and smaller!


For the price of the camera they could have had very least checked the entire functions before release, three or 4 AA cells side by side would have given more room  for the cramped controls.... and help to move the flash out the way in the process.


Sack the designer I say, thanks, I've done here!




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I have been thinking about getting the 280 but am now wondering about Canon in general. Today, my EOS 40D USB port broke and broke from normal use. It should last a lot longer. Yes, I could use a card reader but right now I do not have one that reads CF cards. In any case, why should I expect daily use of a CF card on a piece of crap to last any longer!

rft_canon, I doubt many here would suggest you buy the sx280. There are 60+ pages of reasons here not to do so. You can do better with your money, but if you do decide to buy it, at least you do so knowing this camera's considerable shortfalls.

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Re-USB connector.


Wonder what you meant by USB port broken.  As you probably know, SMD technology calls for different soldering techniques, usually  the skimpiest amount of solder is used.


What usually happens is,  with all the pushing and pulling the soldered USB socket comes away and a refix normally solves the problem.... but some can  get  physically damaged or even pull the copper tracking ( the circuit conductors) away from the 'printed circuit board',  very rarely this happens though.


Something similar hapened to the USB connector on a high end Pro amplifier.... all what was required here was to level the old solder off so the connector laid flat,  using solder paste and holding the connector firmly down give it a blast off hot air from a SMD soldering unit until the solder melted - job done.


It happens quite a lot with DC jack plugs because the solder is only a soft metal and soon fractures with any repetitive tension or stress such as pulling and pushing.


Thought I'd get back to you on this.... all may not be as bad as one thinks.



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Well, thanks to this forum and Canon's seemingly "it's your problem, not ours" handling of the battery issue, I ended up getting a Nikon Coolpix S9500. I considered the Panasonc Lumix ZS25 but didn't like the feel of it in my large hands. All 3 of these camera fall into the same general category and are very similar. I just hope the Nikon doesn't end up having battery issues such as the Canon's. Selecting cameras are simply weighing in a the trade-offs -- Canon Lost.

I still look forward to the Canon EOS 70D as a replacement for my 40D, but I will probably give it some soak time once it comes out to see what kind of issues Canon has with that camera ... whenever it is released.

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Firmware can not be the final solution !

A lot of people are unhappy. We'll see what he says court.

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Canon doesn't care. Complain all you want.

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Canon never more....  I will diffuse the message that Canon doesn't respect their clients... And the best is the camera still selling and cheating the people... Please Canon be ashamed....  All photo forums will know that...  Please other trick people do the same... The world must know how Canon doesn't respect the clients that give their money.... 

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Best listen to UnionStation.  Canon has moved on from this issue.  The camera is good for still shots but is totally inadequate for video.  Maybe things will be better next year when they release an SX290.