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My Powershot S5 IS needs the date reset every time I turn on my camera.

New Contributor

I have replaced the CR1220 battery (and had it tested on a volt meter, first) but the camera is not holding the date. The battery contact in the camera has to be held back out of the way so the battery can be put back in the camera, so I think the contact is good. I tried the battery with the positive side up and negative side up. Still no dice. I haven't tried cleaning the contacts yet, but is there anything else to try that I haven't thought of? Super annoying to set the date every. single. time.


Super Contributor

Measuring a battery voltage is one thing, measuring under a load is another.


So how are you measuring this, on a propper battery tester that draws a given amount of current or are you just testing the no load  terminal voltage?


These coin batteries only fit one way and should be plainly obvious which terminals make contact with the shell or sides and  one makes contact with the middle portion...  connecting batteries the wrong way should be avoided at all times.


If you have been 'sprising'  the contacts you need to ensure that they ARE making contact with the battery terminals, coin cells come in two varieties, soldered in types that has to be unsoldared and the ones that either slide in or 'flip' out.


Getting a voltage meter and measuring the battery will give false results, either measure in circuit or use a battery tester that will test coin cells..... yet there is another way and far easier than struggling, try a new battery.


Coin cells by the way should NOT be tested on a analogue meter (those with a moving pointer) because they draw far more current than a digital volt meter, this higher current 'could' easily flatten the battery, also avoid touching the battery with greasy hands, even  finger marks on the contacts can mar their performance.


Are we using the proper battery?  Canon 'back up' batteries are  usually rechargerable coin cells, being charged from the main camera battery,  you got to allow a few hours for them to charge once they run down or changed....  as you may know many a coin cell is not rechargeable -  try to charge these an a explosion could easily result. I mentioned this because my  Canon A650 uses a back up  rechargeable coin cell.


Without looking the type number up I can't say for sure what type yours is.



Respected Contributor

CR1220 is the right battery for the date/time and a new one should last about 7 years is what Canon claims. I've purchased watch batteries that were allegedly new and did not last...try another battery.

It can only be the battery, the battery contacts, a loose connector from that coin cell battery to the main pcb or worse case the main pcb. Keep it simple though replace the battery first then theres a product I use and have used for years called Deoxit 5 to clean electrical contacts and is safe on all plastics and rubber or clean them with a 600 grit sand paper


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