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Memory card error

New Contributor

Out of nowhere, I came up with a memory card error on my canon power shot sx 200 is. Any suggestions on how to correct the problem?


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Yes, they work fine

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I would try doing 3 things then:

Inspect the card slot with a strong light and magnifying glass to look for something obvious inside like dust or damaged contacts

Remove the battery and hold the on switch in the on position for at least 30 seconds then try it again

Perform a reset to defaults thru the settings menu

Did you stil have problems with the sandisc cards?  They semem to be the only ones Curry hre stock?


New Contributor

Have a Canon IXUS160  & the memory card comes  up as ERROR approx evrey 2 months. OK I can re format it  but obviously I lose all exisisting  photographs. I usually keep it clear anyway  by trnasferring to my computer but what happens  if I am away from home?  I just cannot rely on it.


A couple of friends  have cameras that they can store images galore  on them seemingly indefinitly.  My memory cards are from Curries `Sandisc`. 

Honored Contributor

The major brand of SD card is called "SanDisk"


I have used cards for years with no problems. I think you need a name brand card like SanDisk, Lexar and PNY.


I assume you are using a full size SD card. If it is microSD, you are doubly cursed. Get a full size, name brand SD card.

New Contributor

I have an older SX10 IS camera.  I have never used it to record video, but it was suggested by a friend, when I mentioned I was taking a trip and was thinking of buying a new movie camera, to use the SX10 and record movie video with it.  Seems logical, but what size capacity SD, SDHC card would work?


A few nights ago, I bought a 64 Gig Ultra Plus San Disk and it would not format.  It appears this card may be too new for the camera!  Any suggestions?



Hi, bandaid!


The PowerShot SX10 IS came out in 2008, prior to the introduction of SDXC cards.  You can use SD and SDHC cards up to 32GB in size.  Be sure to format each new card before using it.


We hope this helps!

New Contributor

Thanks Danny,


     I just returned the 64 Gigb Ultra card and bought 2, 8 gig SDHC cards.  The shop owner was not sure if I could use anything higher, but these will work to test the video capabilities of this camers.



New Contributor

when I place a memory card into my Canon 200x I am told "card read error". I have tried several and it says the same thing. What is the problem?

Hi Cvgibson,
Thanks for posting.

Please double-check the camera model you're using and let us know which one it is.


  1. Which memory cards are you attempting to use in your camera?
  2. Have you been able to use these memory cards, with this camera, in the past?
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