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How do I download movies from Canon supershot A 710 Is

New Contributor

Hi first visit

I took some videos on the abpve camera for the first time. Download to PC isnt happening via SD  carder reader ?    Images yes.    Movie no. This is thefirst time I have used  Movie on this camera. It has short  clips of our granddaughter's concert - so its  special and  I desire to share them with parents.


How ?    or what do I need ? Or what am I dooing wrong?


I trid to put it on TV but there appear to  be  no input slots, as in manual, ?  Again HELP ?

Answers in simple steps please .Iam older person . Thanks

Best Wishes


New Contributor

Hi   P S   my laptop is Windows  7 . If needed I could used a Win 8 machine but prefer not to !