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Has there been a resolution to the powershot SX 280 battery indicator flashing?

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I am so disappointed with Canon! I sent my camera in for the firmware update only to receive a refurbished camera in return. I called them and was told that this model cannot be repaired. Funny thing is...this replacement one has the same problem as mine did. I wasn't happy that they sent me a refurbished one but I was told that it was a new camera sent back to them from one of their retailers.

I just don't know why they can't remedy this problem! If they can't, they need to make good on these purchases. I am so disgusted with them right now. When you call, you get different information.

Canon is going to lose a lot of long time customers like myself. I wonder if we could start a class action suit on this!?


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Mighty Glad I didn't buy one.....!


If I had bought a new one and they supplied one that was the same or even a refurbsihed one I'd be contacting a lawyer. 


You buy  a new camera you want a new camera not a refurbish one, do you agree Canon?


Did you see this thread? Looks like Canon have sweapt this under the carpet!




Well, their version of refurbished means "new" so they have told me. It came from one of their retailers. I bought my camera in May 2013 and didn't really use it too much. Wasn't until a couple of months later when I contacted Canon about this problem. Then I started seeing all of these people with the same problem.

Reburbished aint NEW.....!


Refurbished means pre-owned! Eitherway I'd be wanting my money back.



See -: 



Refurbishment is the distribution of products (usually electronics) that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbished products are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold, and this are the approximate equivalent of certified pre-owned cars. Unquote:







Hi everyone!


Just to clear the air, at Canon refurbished doesn't necessarily mean pre-owned. Here is the definition of a refurbished Canon product:

Products are returned to Canon for a variety of reasons, including overstock balancing, miscellaneous returns from retailers, suspected mis-operation, and minor damage to the box.  The products that are serviced have undergone rigorous function and cosmetic inspections by trained Canon technicians and fully meet new product operational specifications and selected cosmetic standards established by Canon U.S.A. Inc.  These refurbished products must pass a comprehensive quality assurance inspection before final packaging and shipment to customers.   


We hope this helps to ease your minds, but if you do have other questions, please let us know!

It may help clear the air about that particular problem but what about the low battery indicator when using record video?? This problem still exists.

That is a fine excuse from Canon..... Wouldn't do for me chum, thats for sure!


If these are refurbished as Canon puts it WHY are they coming back with the same fault - their testing department gone to sleep have they?


So keep on sending it back Rainygirl until it IS FIXED then claim for postage + compensation.

WHY isn't there a warning about the battery life.... puts Canon to shame does it compared to your rivales.



Oh, I talked to them yesterday and apparently the camera they sent me has the firmware update on it. I intend on making sure they get it right!! It's too much money to ignore it. I'm just wondering how many people are going thru this?