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Blurred images with my PowerShot SX740 HS


I am out of options girlfriend! I bought this camera as a digital camera upgrade. Research said it was the best. But every full body shot of me is blurry. My body and face or just my face. I tried editing the settings. None of the edits worked. I tried adding a bunch of light to my room. I tried the open kitchen. I even tried outside my house with the full sunny sun. Every one of those selfies were also blurry! So do any of you have a solution? Because the reason I bought this camera was to have a new digital camera that worked no problem by offering high hd quality crisp clean non blurry images that are full body shots of me in cosplay and not in cosplay. Because of all that and the camera offering convenience since it can be mounted to a regular camera tripod. But since every pic is blurry the camera is useless. The following camera I bought. Canon-PowerShot SX740 HS 20.3-Megapixel Digital Camera



What is the minimum focus distance? Your typical digital camera is not designed for selphies.

Are shots taken outside on a sunny day on something relatively far away in focus?

Well I take close distance and long distance. Close distance is for vertical shots while long distance is for horizontal shots. So the camera has to be like 10 feet away aka far enough to fit my whole body in the frame. Vertical shots put the camera like 5 feet away to fit my whole body in the frame. That stinks. The flip screen to face me with a camera that could be put on a tripod for vertical and horizontal full body shots was the point with this camera. It seems like it's a tough cookie to get in 2023. Sure I have a phone finally but I can't mount that and I take days with selfies in my room. So I'd rather take both the face shots and the full body shots with selfies by myself. So this camera broke my plan. The outside sunny pics were a test. I was surprised that even they were blurry. So I guess I did not notice anything in reviews or in specifications or in the descriptions that stated this cannon camera will not work for selfies. So now I really miss my point and shoot Sony camera that was similar to this one. This was the Sony camera I had before it broke. Sony - Cyber-shot DSC-HX80 18.2-Megapixel Digital Camera - Black Because that Sony camera let me flip the screen to face me so that I could do full body selfies of me close up and far away full body selfies of me without making every shot blurry. Sometimes the selfie was too dark or too bright or blurry. But most of the time the selfies were not too dark, too bright and blurry. It's weird the Sony camera has lower megapixels then the Cannon but still gave better selfies as well.


5 feet should be fine. I consider Selfies as hand held a few feet away.

Can you tell what the camera is focusing on? Are you focusing with you out of the frame? Is there anything closer to the camera in the frame? Can you post some examples.

I'd say a ghost. Because in the pictures in my room. The shot only has me the floor and a green screen on the wall behind me. So there isn't that much to focus on. The camera should be able to make me out. I'm not even moving, I'm posed for the shot. But where would I post some examples btw.


Blurriness can have a whole lot of reasons. Shutter speed, lack of depth-of-field, focusing on the wrong thing, subject (you) movement, on and on. 

Can you take pictures that are NOT blurry? Perhaps you need to learn about using a camera. And there's no such thing as the one "BEST", least of all an SX740 HS.

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It's still just weird. My last Sony camera, my first smartphone. They give me non blurry images no problem. I've only Grabbed myself when it comes to images. I have not tried videos yet. But that was the point of buying this specific camera. My last sony camera allowed me to flip the screen so I could see what I was taking a picture of and the flash Made sure the picture was bright enough. I could put it in a tripod. This way by myself without assistance. I could take all these full body shots of me in my cosplays and In my everyday wardrobe. This was so convenient. I could hold the camera for face shots. That was also convenient. But between slippery hands, the camera was small and I did not use the included wrist strap. So therefore, I dropped the camera a few times and it fell out of the tripod a few times. The last fall broke the screen. It would cost the same amount or more to fix it so I threw the camera away. So I was going to get a upgraded version. I thought this Canon camera was the upgrade. But I was wrong. It doesn't matter if pictures of other people, animals and things that aren't me in general are not blurry. Because the point of this camera for me is not working. Between multiple digital cameras all my life, a dsi xl, a 3ds, a 3ds xl, a new 3ds xl and my first phone this year. I know how a camera ticks. So therefore on my end with the Canon camera. I'm doing what I usually do with a camera. Like with my dad's last digital camera. I can use extra lighting to prevent every picture from being too dark and to prevent my face from being blurry. But with the Canon camera. Nothing I do seems to work. So apparently the Canon camera wasn't designed for what I need it for.


Again, does your SX740 HS take ANY kinds of pictures that are not blurry? Doesn't matter what your ultimate goal is. Got to see if the camera is capable of focusing, period.


You're going to have to provide examples along with camera settings so that we can help figure out what is going on.

There are many variables that can lead to blurry images:

  • Camera is moving while taking the image.
  • Subject is moving while taking the image (could be motion blur if the shutter speed is too slow, or the subject is moving either towards or further away from the camera after focus was previously acquired).
  • Depth-of-field is too shallow and an incorrect point of focus (something other than the eyes) were focused upon.
  • Lens is on manual focus and camera and/or subject has moved since the last captured sharp image.
  • Current autofocus settings set in the camera are not appropriate for the shooting scenario.

For full-body images, you'd want the camera perpendicular to the subject.  Especially if using wider apertures.  If the camera is tilted up or down in relation to the subject, it will be more difficult to get everything in focus.

Put the camera in Automatic mode.  Either outside on a bright sunny day, or indoors in a room with a large quantity of sunlight coming in, focus on something that has lots of detail and capture an image.

Preferably, have the camera on a tripod or even on a sturdy surface.  Have the lens be perpendicular to what you're capturing.   Center what your capturing in the middle of the frame.


EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L, 600EX-RT (x6), ST-E3-RT
EOS C70, RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS, EF-EOS R 0.71x


I solved the blurry issue. I took many shots inside my house outside of my room. I took many shots outside on a sunny day. All these shots were non blurry. Even a shot of my Mom was not blurry. I had flash set to auto flash. The camera thought there was enough lighting so therefore the flash was not used in all the pics. I even took a few shots in my room. With one pic I only had on for lighting my small desk lamp on floor in corner with a small 60 watt daylight led bulb. With the other pics. I had extra lighting on. The yellow looking pic is my 4 fan lights on. The white looking pic is my 2 big soft box lights on that contain daylight led 100 watt bulbs. So the pic with little lighting is blurry cause not enough lighting in room according to the camera. While the extra lightning in the other pics aka those yellow and white pics look not blurry because according to the camera there is enough lighting in room. But the white looking pic does look better then the yellow looking pic. So it seems the key to getting non blurry versions of those vertical and horizontal full body selfies I need is by having enough of lighting on in the room using my fan lights or soft box lights on while using my cannon camera. This way my pics will not be blurry. But the pics come out better with the soft box lights so I should have them on while using the cannon camera. So please let me know if I am right and not seeing things. Here are 5 test pics from the cannon camera.20230927164603_IMG_0145.jpg20230927164525_IMG_0144.jpg20230927164252_IMG_0141.jpg20230927155355_IMG_0129.jpg20230927155251_IMG_0126.jpg

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