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imageCLASS MF8380Cdw Error scanning to Linux Samba server


I setup a samba server on linux and want to scan from my MFC8380 to a share on that server. I am getting error #801. I want to confirm the format of how to input the share information on the printers address book. I have the following:

Type : SMB

Name: scan 


folderpath: scan

username: user

set password: password

Does that look okay? If I connect to my samba share I would normally connect to \\\scan with the user and password. That works fine from windows and linux. However, I am not sure if the printer wants the hostname as "" or "\\". And does it want the folder as "scan" or "\scan". 

If that's not the issue, anything else I should look into? I also set my samba server to allow samba v1.0 connections and tested it. So that should not be an issue. Both printer and server are in the same network.



Maybe this will help.

Configuring SMB - Canon - imageCLASS MF8580Cdw MF8280Cw MF8210Cn - User's Guide (Product Manual)

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