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imageCLASS MF642Cdw Scanning Old photos - multiples at a time


I have the Canon Imageclass MF642cdw multi purpose printer and am trying to digitize old photos but one at a time is cumbersome.


Using the MF utility tool, or another compatible with my device, is there a way to scan multiple 4x6 images at a time? 


Thanks in advance for any help!




You aren't the first person to ask this question and certainly won't be the last.  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  The scanner is only capable of capturing a single set scan area per pass.  So if you load up the platten, you pictures will be saved as a collage. 


If you are serious about this, sort your pictures by size.  Now scan in a assembly line type of fashion.  all 3x5's, then 4x6's, then 5x7's...  etc.


Then go back and give them meaningful names.  Finally, you can ues a image eiting software to make minor adjustments, corrections, dust removal, etc. 



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Appreciate your reply


I ended up using the feeder and doing as you suggested (sorting by size). 


My issue is figuring out the right settings to capture a 4x6, for example, correctly. When I choose input size 4x6 and output size 4x6, it seems to output a letter size. Meaning, the image appears as a 4x6 with a bunch of white space around it. 


I managed to scan full size successfully but I don't know which settings I used and haven't been able to recreate. Any suggestions on proper settings for 4x6? I also tried 6x4 to no avail. 

Hi happyharry12.


Since 4x6 is a custom paper size for this model, you may need to scan using the platen and the ScanGear interface to ensure the output has the correct aspect ratio.  ScanGear uses the driver interface to give greater control.


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I have a Canon Lide 110. The factory default software is not efficient in cropping standalone photos. I recommend some 3rd party photo scanning software like AutoSplitter to help you with this.

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