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will my ae1 lenses work on a rebel eos camera ?

New Contributor

i am thinking about buying a rebel eos camers and would like  to know if my ae1 lenses will work on the new camera.


Reputable Contributor
AE1 lens use FD mount, newer camera use EF mount. So not, it will not unless you use adapter. But old lens doesn't perform well on digital camera anyway.
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Frequent Contributor

The Canon EF mount uses a lens flange distance of 44mm vs 42mm of the FD mount. This means that the lens could not focus at infinity unless the adapter has a corrective lens in its design. Most of these adapters are of very poor quality and will degrade the IQ of the lens.


Depending on what lenses that you have it may be worth changing the mount of the lens using one of the  Ed Mika adapters.