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I do not own a camera (except my cellphone). I have no long term interest in taking picture (at least in the past it has not been a passion). However, I am going on an African safari, and I am excited about possibly getting beautiful pictures of beautiful animals. I don't know anything about cameras. I am looking for a camera that I can take great pictures with, without learning a lot about photography. I think I need a telephoto lens, but not sure really what focal length. 

My budget would max out at $1500, but would prefer not to spend that much.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



New Contributor
I want to thank everyone for helping me.
I think the important thing for me is that I can rent good equipment for my trip, for less than buying the equipment that will probably not be put to good use after my trip.
I really appreciate the advice I received on this forum. I am signing off.

"I can rent good equipment for my trip"


Make sure you tell the rental company you intend on taking their gear out of the country.  Some smaller places will not allow that.  I would rather see you buy the gear and sell it after you return than rent it.  Consider the risk and make sure you buy the insurance.

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