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How to Backup My Garden Projects?

New Contributor

Hello. I'm interested in backing up my projects, specifically My Garden DVD/CD labels that I've created so that I can put them back when I reinstall My Garden from scratch; or move the program to a different computer. I've looked in the program directory and the C:\User\appdata\roaming\canon\mygarden folder but can not find my DVD/CD label files.


Does anyone know which files to backup or copy to a new install of My Garden to retain my projects?




Product Expert
Product Expert



Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to back up the layouts or templates created in the program.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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I hate to disagree with the product expert, but I was able to find the files to backup my CD/DVD labels. I'm using a Windows 7 machine and was able to find the files at the following location "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\canon\My Image Garden\AddOn\DiscLabelPrint\work"


Rather than a single file, there is a folder for each project with a seemingly arbitrary numerical name. You will not be able to open your labels with any other program, but backing up those folders will allow you to save your work.

You would think, that a member of the support team would know where on the hard drive the customers work has been saved. So that all consumers of their printer products could do exactly that, save/backup their work. 


You have no idea how many time I have had to recreated my labels/DVD's/CD's just because this information is not in the manuals. It's so sad that a consumer had to showup an employee of the product. My hat is off to Ashley, thank you for the information. 


I had been looking for this info, I had found it once before, but I had forgotten exactly where it was held on the hard drive. So now I will have to recreate my 10 CD labels once again. My system crashed so I didn't have the opportunity to backup my work. But I knew I'd done it before, so thank you again.

New Contributor
Perfect! Thanks Ashley