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CANON iMAGE GATEWAY can't access


Jan 04 2014 is CANON iMAGE GATEWAY working?  Tried for a half hour...


Purchased and registered a new SX280HS PS camera on 6/19/14.  Tried to get into Canon IMage Gateway - no luck though I have been there before - several months ago.  Called Canon - tech said the site was down and Canon did not know when it would be back up. 


What kind of Tier 1 company (Canon) promotes a feature to sell their cameras (the Canon Image Gateway), and when it is down does not post a notice for same AND then does not fix it within 4 hours?   From this thread, it appears the site has been down for several days and no official word from Canon. 


Imagine all the wasted effort by purchasers like us trying to re-register, change passwords, re-install software...that is a lot of disrespect for their customers when they are not transparent about issues they have with a major selling feature of their product. 


And so now we cannot use some of the wifi features of the camera -- they need acknowledge the issue and state when the site will be up.  Bad bad.

I am experiencing the same problem and I agree with your post. I can confirm the iIMAGE Gateway has been unavailable for at leat two days.

Found the Image GAteway site back up Monday after being down for many days.  No explanation.  We will see how stable it remains.


I bought my camera a month ago for an upcoming trip.  Everything worked great.  Now, as I prepare to leave I can't use it for the purpose it was bought for.  I've tried for 2 days to access Image Gateway and no success.  Hope they figure this out soon. It would be helpful to get an error that says the problem is on their end and not mine so I don't spend 2 days trying to figure it out just to realize I'm not doing something wrong.  

i'm regretting buying a canon now, before reading this thread. it dates back months and the problem has not been cleared up.


pathetic that a photo sharing website has been down for a week now. this is not rocket science.

I logged into Canon Image Gateway after a frustrating week. It was working for me last night and this morning, 24 June 2014.However; sometimes the login took a couple attempts.


The authentication code on camera does not work for Canon Image Cateway. I've tried a million times, and i cannot get my camera to work with gateway. How can I fix this?

Hi Kcalta20,


Thanks for posting.


I recommend resetting your camera's Wi-Fi settings to their default values, as described in your the Camera User Guide. I also recommend clearing your browser's cache, exiting the browser, then reconnecting to the Canon iMAGE Gateway.


If you still encounter difficulty, please call our technical support department for assistance. You may reach them by calling 800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).

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For the last several days I've been getting the message:

Thank you for visiting CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.
This site is currently not available due to maintenance.

Apparently without this site I am not able to Wi-Fi transfer photos from my Canon PowerShot ELPH 350 HS camera to my computer. Is there any information when this problem will be resolved?

Hi Sbneal01,

Yes, the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY service is currently undergoing maintenance. We appreciate your patience while we work on it. We hope to be back soon!

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