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eos webcam utility stream timelimit


The FAQ states: 

Q: How long can I stream using the EOS Webcam Utility software? Is streaming limited to 30 minutes?

A: The streaming is not limited to 30 minutes and you can stream until the battery runs out. If you want longer usage please consider an AC adapter and DC coupler as an option. Depending on the camera temprature, camera will automatically shutdown to protect camera device. To prevent overheating it is recommended to set the video resolution to 1080p.


But when I use the Webcam utility on mac, into to OBS, every so often mins, the video is interrupted, the screen flashes with the webcam utility graphic, and then the video resumes. How can I get rid of that time-out for an uninterrupted stream? Thanks. 


Product Expert
Product Expert



What you are describing sounds like a connection interruption rather than something built in. This could be the USB cable or it might be software settings, one good way to check is by using a different program than OBS. If it is the software then the issue would likely not happen in another program and you may want to look into the video settings in OBS. If it is more likely a hardware (USB cable, USB port, camera) issue then you would still see it in another program and there are a few possible solutions.


The first thing I would try would be a different USB cable plugged into a different USB port. Especially if you use a long (5+ feet) USB cable this would be a good thing to test because longer cables can be more susceptible to interference, but using a different USB port on the computer will also help us eliminate the original USB port from the equation.

Thanks for your input


Ran into the same issue and on this thread, someone finally shared the answer for the 30 min interrupt.



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