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Missing EOS Webcam as a camera option [Canon T5i + EOS Webcam Utility Pro (2.1.18) + macOS Sonoma]



I got my Canon Rebel T5i connected via USB cable

I'm using macOS Sonoma (14.4.1) and I've followed Apple's Restore legacy video device support guide - got the "legacy-camera-plugins-without-sw-camera-indication" option on.

I got the EOS Webcam Utility Pro (2.1.18). I'm not subscribed to EOS Webcam Utility Pro - using the free version.

The camera feed works correctly on the Webcam Utility Pro app. The camera feed appears, as expected. I can also see the camera listed on Apple's Image Capture app, as well as its contents. So...we know the USB cable isn't a problem, right? So far so good!

However, the EOS Webcam option does not show up on any app (!) - Meet, Zoom, OBS, SplitCam,... nothing

What am I supposed to do to get the EOS Webcam Utility Pro as a camera option on any app?

Captura de Tela 2024-04-13 às 05.21.25.png

Captura de Tela 2024-04-13 às 05.22.24.png


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings Milena,

Please review our Getting Started Guide for setting up the stream from the camera to your video streaming software, like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You may click on the following link to visit the EOS Webcam Utility web page and the link to the Getting Started Guide is located towards the middle of the page:

We need to ensure that the default scene is set for streaming. This would be around page 8 of 18 of the PDF document.

Hi, Natalya

Sadly, your reply wasn't any helpful

The Getting Started Guide mentions (and shows screenshots) of a Stream tab. Please notice on the previous screenshots that I sent that this tab does not exists on EOS Webcam Utility Pro. The screenshots on the guide themselves were taken not in the EOS Webcam Utility Pro (current), but in the EOS Webcam Utility (older version), that seem to have a different interface. I can not know what are the current 'streams' as I cannot even see them.

Not only that, but I'd like to add that the pages 1 and 2 have a HOW TO SETUP 3 steps guide. I got the camera running on [Movie move]. The application is running perfectly. I'm on step 2/3 of the guide. I can not do the step 3 as theres no “EOS Webcam Utility Pro” as a camera option on any app. That is my problem.

Any other guides on how to solve the issue?