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Is EOS Webcam Utility Update for MacOS 14 Coming?


Hi! So for work I've been using a Tri-camera setup through OBS, one of my cameras I use is an R6, so I knew I'd need to use EOS webcam utility software to allow it to be useable through OBS. But after updating my mac to OS 14.1, and then opening OBS, the EOS webcam utility wasn't even listed as an option as a source. Having done some research I saw that so far the software is only updated to MacOS 13, not 14. So I was wondering if Canon (or anyone else in the community) knows when or if they plan to release an updated version on the software so it can be directly compatible through OBS again?



This is because Apple released an update with Sonoma 14.1 that blocks legacy webcams. Canon needs to release an update ASAP.

In the meantime, follow the steps here:

This fixes the issue. 

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