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EOS Webcam Utility Won't Work with EOS 90D After Firmware Update


I used the webcam utility beta for over a year without any problems. I used it as an adjunct professor and for business meetings. All was well.  Then I installed both the firmware update for my Canon 90D and the new version of the webcam. In just one day I was put out of business because the webcam utility does not work. I get an error message when I try to use the webcam utility, and Zoom will no longer recognize my camera. To make things worse, I cannot find the older version of the webcam utility that did work so that I can reinstall that. I've spent over four hours trying to find a solution. I wonder if anyone tests the updates before they issue them. I purchase Canon products for my office because of reliability more than anything else. On the plus side, I was able to connect a video capture card to the camera to get back into the business. For those who are having similar issues, you may find it less frustrating to do the same.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Gaspar,

Thanks for checking in with us.

I am not aware of any issues that the firmware update for the EOS 90D caused with our EOS Webcam Utility, so let's check a few things.

First, check the Wi-Fi setting in the camera's menu and make sure it is turned off. Otherwise the camera's USB port won't be active, and EOS Webcam Utility needs an active USB connection.

Then make sure that the camera is set to shoot movies, not photos.

Lastly, it might also help to try disconnecting other accessories from the computer and to try different USB ports, since some USB ports can be stronger than others.


Welcome Gaspar. I don't use that utility, but others on theforum do, so it might be helpful to them as they try and help if you post exactly what error message is being displayed.

You might find the older version here:

Canon Canada Support (


John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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