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EOS Webcam Utility + Canon g7x MarkIII not working



I have a Canon g7x MarkIII and I'm trying to use the new EOS Webcam Utility. I'm a windows 10 user, updated.

Softwares like discord and Streamlabs detect the EOS Webcam Utility, but the image shows nothing but a image with "EOS Webcam Utility BETA"


Can anyone help me? What I'm doing wrong? 



What does "Windows 10, updated" mean?  Versions of Windows 10 that are "upgraded" versions of Windows 8/8.1 are not supported by any current Canon software.


Keep in mind what Beta software means.  It means it is for testing purposes, and should not be regarded as "finished" product.    


Also, the "Webcam Utility" is designed primarily for video conferencing through the USB port with video conferencing apps.  It is not designed for high resolution video Live Streaming to social media or video recording with streaming apps.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

It means my windows 10 is updated. It does not need any update right now. 


I know its a beta, I was just wondering if I did something wrong...


Also, apps like skype are not working.  

Apps like Skype are NOT supposed to work.  The instructions specifically spells this out.


The directions state a LOT of things that people are simply put, either overlooking or completely ignoring.  At this point in development, the Webcam Utility is designed to only work with web based versions of video conferencing apps, not the actual apps themselves.  It it seems to work in other ways, then you have experienced a happy accident.


My advice is to find another solution besides Skype.  This advice has nothing to do with the Canon Webcam Utility.  Microsoft announced a year ago that they were discontinuing support on Skype by th end of 2020, and were replacing it with MS Teams.  In fact, Microsoft appears ot have already discontinued support for Skype, because it is now owned by CNET.  No one really knows what is in store for the future of Skype, except that it is not longer on Microsoft Servers.  Use the web based version.





Not you.  This next part does not apply to you.


But, for the sake of others I want to point out that the Beta version is not designed to output clean HDMI.  I am amazed at how many people are complaining about how they cannot get a clean HDMI signal.  The app seems designed to provide a clean video signal, one with limited rsolution on some of the older cameras, through the USB port without the need for a video capture device.  Most of the supported cameras cannot produce a clean HDMI output, anyway, which is the whole point of the Webcam Utility.


Others use an adapter to connect the USB to their HDMI ports on the computers, and then complain about it not working.  Others complain how it does not work with the video apps for streaming to social media or recording.  Most people who cannot get it to work are rushing through it, glossing over the details, and not following all of the directions.  


I am not going to list all of the reasons why people cannot get it to work.  Most of the time, they are either not following directions, or are trying to use the app in ways that it was not intended.  


If it is not working for you.  Start over.  Take your time.  Follow all of the details in the instructions.  Accept the limitations of what it is designed to do.  Don't complain when the app does not exceed its' intended purpose.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

If skype are not supposed to work, wich " video conferencing through the USB port with video conferencing apps" would you say I supposed to work? I would like to try these and see if I have any luck.


You said "The instructions specifically spells this out" but I didn't find this info anywhere... I only saw those two pages with info about EOS Webcam Utility for my camera and none of than says that. and 


Please note that I'm not complaining about it not work. I'm just where to know if anyone was a solution for me. I know its a beta and MAYBE they will make it work 100% in the future, but posting here about it saying that its not working also help than to find issues to fix for the future. 






You posted the page where it tells you this.  The posts created by the Moderators in the main threads provide additional setup information.




Do you see that red text, "Driver Software Details"? I clicked on it.  It clearly states the purpose is video conferencing.  It clearly states that you connect the camera via USB, not HDMI.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I read all the "Driver Software Details" before, I didn't find anywhere that skype isn't supported or anything similar, but ok. I can try any other conferencing apps, it does not work for me... 

I'm also using USB, I never tried HDMI. 

I pointed you to the two main threads, started by the Moderator.  This is the first post she made.




I am glad that you are asking all of these questions.  It is putting all of the answers to most problems in one spot!

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I just read the two main threads, the Windows and the MacOS ones. I do not think the info in the print you send applies, bacause I'm using Windows and not Mac... If it does they would have said about the "Caution Notes/Tips: Using EOS Webcam Utility Beta Software" in the Windows thread two, don't you think? 😕


I'm still waiting for someone to give me any answer about what I can do... Thill now I have only re-read stuff and tried a little with different video sites/apps.