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Canon Webcam Utility Pro for European users. - Canon EOS 6D MkII



I'm from Poland and I want to use my Canon EOS 6D MKII for streaming in the internet. I found out about Canon Webcam Utility Pro which could help me to have clean video footages for my OBS software. As I readed on your official website in the USA this software is exclusivly available only for customers from USA. Could you let me know when it would be available for other users? For now I have Canon Webcam Utility free but I need full HD for my streams. Thank you.

I would love to buy subscription and use your software. 



Hi!  We here at Canon USA only have information for products available here in the United States.  If you're in Poland, we recommend reaching out to our colleagues at Canon Poland.  They've got a page dedicated to EOS Webcam Utility right HERE.

Hope this helps!

Yes, I talked with them. But they have only Canon Webcam Utility. This is free version with lower resolution. As I know only Canon Webcam Utility Pro gives full res and additional options. The costs of this software is 49$ per year in subscription plan. Could I buy or test this version in Europe? 

You can use whatever versions that are licensed to be available in Europe. If Canon Europe only has the free version, then that's the only version available at this time. 

Thank you for your answer. I asked Canon Polska when this PRO version will be available in my country. They didn't aswer clearly. They sugested to ask Canon USA. 

I need full HD from my camera for my streaming series. 


hello there. i try to donwload from this site but when im install it nothing happen. there is no an icon on desktop to open the app and in my files nothing ...


Can someone please explain why the subscription version of the Webcam Utility is only available in the US? Are there any plans to roll it out to the European market, for example? If not, why not?


I'd also like to see this available in Canada.  There's no other way I've found to make this happen than by the collective of people who will inevitably reply to this forum to request their own local service. If it's not recorded somewhere, the amount of requests, it carries less weight than single requests that get lost in their "closed tickets".  This coming from a business perspective.

Unless you have a newer camera that supports UVC/UAC protocol, you'll need to use Cam Link. The problem is that, when you use Cam Link you'll see the auto-focus box. The only way you can hide the AF box is to have a newer camera that offers this feature and those new cameras will like have UVC/UAC protocol. Which makes it redundant.

In my case, my T6I doesn't have the option to hide the AF box so I can never get rid of it when using Cam Link. My 5D Mark iii however does have that option, though it doesn't have Continual AF so I can't keep the **bleep** thing focused when I'm making vlogging without holding the shutter button down continually. So you could argue that this camera is just not meant for task, which is half true. So as of now, I have no way to broadcast 1080p. Canon Webcam Utility only offers 576p.

The only option I have is to purchase a new camera. Good game Canon, Good game.


Could someone from Canon USA respond to this discussion? I need your software with full option and I could buy your subscription as a customer from Europe. 

Hey krysztofgryzka! As mentioned previously by our moderators, different regions have different products sold and different associated software that supports them.  Feel free to check out our website at to find out the products/software that supports your device based on region.