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Canon EOS Webcam Utility Pro v2.0.30 – How to Download and Subscribe

Community Manager
Community Manager

In this video, we’ll show you how to install the EOS Webcam Utility Pro software, and how to upgrade to the subscription version to take your video conferencing and live streaming to the next level. With the new Pro version, you can download, and use the software for free. However, subscribing as a Pro user gives you access to all of the Pro features, including various connection like UVC, wireless access, inserting watermarks and more.

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I had high hopes, but this version also doesn't work on my Mac (2021 MBP macOS 12.5). Framerate is super low, and CPU usage is very high (106%). At this point, I'm looking for a camera from another manufacturer...

Hi, mharrison!

Thanks for posting on our forum! This community is designed for your fellow Canon owners to help each other out with any problems they may encounter. If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

Thanks and have a great day!


This not work, Should be pay a subscription for a bad product? the EOS Webcam utility not load nor install correctly in Macbook Pro M1 Pro 14"  running Sonoma 14.2, I don't want a auto responder about "Knowledge Base or Support Channel", We need at least a date to get the update to make my camera works with latest software.


Sonoma 14.2 broke my Canon integration, too. I'll need to get a Windows PC to run my webcam for now. 
The Webcam Utility Pro won't help here. 

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