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wireless eos rebel t5i

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I have a Canon eos rebel t5i and before I buy a wi-fi card. I want to know if it actually works and if it does is it going to be able to be used with the app.

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I do have (and have used) the Eye-Fi cards ... they are horrendously slow (if you use one ... you'll understand why they went out of business.)  Basically you take the shot and wait a long time for it to show up on the computer.  Each JPEG takes many many seconds ... and things really get painful if you shoot RAW images (.CR2 files) ... those take ages for each image to appear.




If you are simply looking for a way to unload the camera to the computer, use a USB cable (or get an adapter such as an SDcard adapter).




If what you really want is wireless tethered shooting, there are better wireless solutions than an Eye-Fi card.  


I use the CamRanger with my 5D III (my 5D IV has built-in WiFi).  CamRanger plugs into the camera's USB port and the camera thinks it's doing a tethered shooting session with a computer.  They supply an app (either for smartphone/tablet or computer) that controls it.  You can remotely manage settings, shooting, etc.  It transfer thumbnails of each image to the client software and you can decide which of these you want transferred as a full image (so you're not wasting time transferring images that you know you wont want).


I noticed the CamRanger website currently says they're about to come out with CamRanger 2 in 2019... it will do 802.11ac (wireless "ac" WiFi is much faster than 802.11n, g, or older protocols.  It is technically capable of 1.3 Gigabits per second. 


There are other products that are similar to CamRanger.  If I wanted to do tethered shooting wirelessly... I think I might deliberately put-off buying anything until the CamRanger 2 comes out (to get 802.11ac speed ... even the largest RAW files should transfer in less than a second).



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

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I almost never use the Wi-Fi in my 6D because the performance is not what I expected.  It is far slower than USB at downloading files to a computer.  I was disappointed to discover that “Wi-Fi” does not mean “networkable.”  You need to buy the Canon Wi-Fi accessory for that functionality”


Maybe you didn't mean to link sentence 3 to sentence 1?

John Hoffman
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