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Which camera should I buy Canon 700d or 1300d?

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Wich better Canon 700d or 1300d?


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Get the 700D. 


The 1300D is  very basic, stripped down entry level camera. It lacks some important features like Auto sensor cleaning for removing dust spots, or touch screen control and fold out screen. It also has no external microphone connection. 


It is usually bundled with the EF-S 18-55mm III which does not have Image Stabilization.

Mike Sowsun
80D, 5D Mk III

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Neither, buy the T7i. The T5i is already 6 years old.  New tech is always going to be the better way to go. 

Unless you are buying used, it is already obsolete, IMHO, as always.

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@Gugosin wrote:

Wich better Canon 700d or 1300d?

If you intend to mostly shoot in Auto mode, it doesn't much matter. If you're interested in some self-study and learning about DSLR photography, I'd go with the 1300d. Why? Because at this point, you probably don't know what kind of photography or camera you really need or want. I started off with the Rebel T6 (1300d) and still shoot with it. Though a basic DSLR camera in all respects, it has proven to be no impediment at all to my primary goal of learning about photography. I still learn something nearly every time I shoot. I bought a refurbished kit which included two lenses from the Canon site for about $350. Money well spent and it has served my purpose well. 

"Money well spent and it has served my purpose well."


Always a plus when it works out. I love success stories. I always suggest new folks go slow because they don't really know what they want. However, I bet you do buy a step-up camera if you truly love photography. One reason I never recommend the T5, T6 or T7 to people that show some more than average interest in photography. Keep shooting!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

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...makes a sad face as I pet my T6i...there...there  😞


Which is better, or which to buy, are different questions, but both are subjective.  


Between the two, the 1300D is the newer design, and the only one that includes built-in Wi-Fi.  On that feature alone, I would recommend the 1300D.  It is a great camera to learn about DSLR photography.  Bear in mind, though, the DSLR features in the camera are somewhat limited, as is the Wi-Fi functionality.  


However, the Wi-Fi is a perfect substitute for the camera in a smart phone.  You can take a photo, and upload it to social media almost as easily as you can with the smartphone camera.  My son does it all the time with his 80D and iPhone.  Not the same camera, but it has the same functionality when it comes to uploading to Facebook.

Just remember, that the entire Rebel line are entry level cameras, which means that they lack many features photo enthusiasts find attractive, or even mandatory.  The 1300D and 700D are both older designs, which can be quickly outgrown in a couple of months, or 10,000 shots, whichever come first.


I hope you are looking at new cameras, and not used.  Although, the used bodies in this group tend to be either broken, or still in pretty decent shape.  In other words, people either used them heavily, or let it sit on a shelf in the closet.  


If I were buying a Rebel, I would want to buy a new one, and one that was at the lower end of the lineup, so I could afford to buy a better lens than the standard camera kit lenses that come with the camera in the box.


Depending on your budget, and where you shop, there could be better Canon choices out there.  But, you do not seem to be in the US, so i really cannot help you there.


"Doctor told me to get out and walk, so I bought a Canon."