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Which Canon EOS model should I consider? - Upgrading from film


I am new to the community and need help in selecting the appropriate Canon EOS model for purchase.  I am NOT a beginner, having owned an Ft-b and an EF 35ml SLR film camera for years and would like to upgrade to digital. I am looking for a mirrorless, 24.2mp, used camera that is relatively new in the  production years after 2020.  I am not a professional, however, I would like something that is mid range that can accommodate scenery, landscape and people pics that I could enlarge, something that offers the most bang for the buck.  Is there anyone out there that can shed some light on this.





I have EOS R5.  I might suggest EOS R8 for "mid range that can accommodate scenery, landscape and people pics that I could enlarge, something that offers the most bang for the buck" and EF to RF adapter so that you can use the lenses that you already have. Canon DPP software helps to get the most out of the lenses if you record DPRAW. EOS R5 has more resolution for enlarging and EOS R5 version 2 might be coming soon.



If you are looking to save money, a refurbished camera from Canon is a great way to go.  Right now the store is low on inventory due to above average demand and the impending release announcements.  

Canon Refurbished Cameras & Accessories | Canon U.S.A, Inc.

A new camera might not be as expensive as you think.  I consider this to be mid range

EOS R6 Mark II RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM Lens Kit (

A little more modest is the R8

EOS R8 RF24-50mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens Kit (

Here is a great side by side of both:

Canon R8 vs Canon R6 II Detailed Comparison (

Since an actual budget was not provided, recommending "mid range" can vary.  

Places to stay away from.  Facebook market place, Amazon market place, eBay and any store or online retailer that is not a Canon Authorized Dealer.  Do not buy a camera that doesn't have a warranty, option to return, etc.  Avoid grey market gear.  Amazon itself is an authorized reseller, but only if it says "Sold by and ships from Amazon". 

This is a list of Authorized Dealers (April 2024)

If you want to buy used, stick to a reputable retailer who also has a used gear store.  B&H, Adorama and KEH are examples.

We can help you with final purchase recommendations once you have an actual budget and a model or two you are considering.

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