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Tie Aperture and Speed in Manual Mode - EOS 6D

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This is about the Manual exposure mode in EOS 6D.  Sometimes it would be convenient to automatically adjust the aperture when the speed is changed and vice versa.  For example, I set the aperture and speed, take a shot, and than decide I need more depth of field, so I dial the aperture up 1.5 stops.  I'd like the camera to automatically dial the speed down by the same amount,  In other words, I'd like the camera to keep the same EV (and keep the ISO setting).


I know this feaure is available in Program mode, but is it possible in Manual mode?


Thank you in advance for your answers!



@FPP wrote:

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Yes they do.  All Canon DSLRs contain that degree of functionality.  Some lenses have Optical Stabilization, instead of Image Stabilization.


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