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T4i Black screen. What's Wrong?

New Contributor

It turns on, all the menu functions work. But if you try to take a photo or video or press the Live View button, it just gives you a black screen.

I made a Youtube video about it.

Forgot to mention 2 things.

1. The seller informs me it was working when it was shipped. I think that's true.

2. The firmware is updated to its most current version 1.0.4.


Here's the link to the video. Thanks for watching.



When you try to take a photo, does the camera make any shutter-like noises when you press the shutter button?  If so, then it sounds like your image sensor is no good.  Take it back for a full refund. 


[EDIT]  I did not watch your entire 17+ minute video.  All I saw was a tore up box.


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