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T3i external mic input filtering/lowering bass frequencies (not wind filter)

New Contributor

I tested it out by recording white noise through it and it turns out recording through the camera's external mic input reduces the bass.


I analyzed the audio from the video through a spectrum/frequency analyzer program and I can say for a fact it is and not just what I'm hearing through studio reference headphones


is there anyway to fix this or a camera upgrade needed for better audio components on the camera??




Honored Contributor

I have never seen that Canon specs the frequency response of their audio recorder on the Rebels. I can't speak for higher range cameras.


Most people that care use an external recorder like a zoom and add the sound in post.

New Contributor
I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything about my t3i’s frequency response to audio input , but would you know anyone that may know about the higher models audio input’s frequency response? looking for as neutral as possible and in the Rebel series preferably?

it might be taboo here to ask but any camera manufacturers that have a neutral frequency response external mic input? I did say preferably Canon’s Rebel series though

I’d prefer to not having to edit the video with a separate audio source

New Contributor
Note: I would like the camera to be as cheap as possible without