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Single Reflex & Non Reflex Camera thoughts

Occasional Contributor



      How's your day! Photographers.  I heard that Canon will stop making Single-Reflex cameras but Non-Reflex cameras.  What do you think? Do you feel like non-reflex cameras will replace single reflex cameras? How long? 


     For me, I just got my Canon 5D Mark IV. I really love the kinda heavy camera (I work out a lot so it's not an issue for me, it's too light weight tbh lol). I also love the sound the single-reflex cameras make.  


      Really wish the history of single-reflex cameras won't end in this century. 😞  Don't know why I really love single-reflex cameras. 


      Best!!Cat Embarassed

Clovis L
Columbus, Ohio
Canon 5D Mark IV, 50mm F/1.8 , 24-70mm 4L