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Shutter or Sensor issue

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I currently own a Canon 1D Mark IIN and use that as my main camera.  Recently I have run into issues with a stab of light coming from the right of the photograph.  In some photos, it is very overexposed, in others it is more of a ghost image of the light, all of it in the same place, middle of the photo, coming from the right side.  When I first noticed the issue, I was shooting in the direction of harsh sunlight and thought it might be reflection from the sun, until I shot again on a cloudy day and the contrast of the area was as it was on that sunny day.  Does this sound like a shutter or sensor issue?  And for either one, is it worth getting fixed.  The shutter has approx 127K actuations.


Thoughts?  Thanks in advance for any input.


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Sounds like a shutter issue. I think you can get a better idea if it's the shutter by using some really high shutter speeds.


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The best solution and one that you should put in priority mode is send it to CPS. Quickly! The 1D Mk II is no longer serviced by Canon. The 1D Mk IIn is on the short list for discontinuance. Maybe it is there as we speak but CPS is the place to send it.


The EGOS 1D Mk II was really the camera that put Canon in the undisputed lead as best DSL. It was truly ground breaking and is still a very nice camera and well worth getting yours repaired. I have one (1D Mk II) and still use it a lot.


Often ignored by the pixel peepers on the web and actually falsely so because of the rather small number of pixels. 8 meg if memory serves me correctly. But what is lost is the pixel size. They are larger and therefore somewhat cleaner than the smaller more crammed in mega pixel sensors of today. Look at the new 1Dx for a instance, so there must be something to that.


The shutter is rated for at least 200,000 cycles and mine is way up there, too. I will have mine repaired as long as parts are available. The camera is built like the proverbial tank. It is a war horse.


There is just something about a 1 series. It makes a difference just being in your hand. After you use one it is hard to go back to "regular" cameras! Smiley Wink

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Thanks for the input, it is what I was thinking.  As for the repair, you mention CAPS, what is that?  Also, I am waiting for a used 1D Mark IIN that is on its way and should be here today.  I am a part time Newspaper photographer and have a 30D as a back up, which I used earlier this week and it just won't work.  But I am planning on getting it repaired, it might just take me a couple of months.  If Canon no longer supports it, is CAPS an independent repair location or do you know of a independent repair location in the Boston area?

I am sorry I meant CPS (not CAPS). Canon Professional Service. As a newspaper photographer you should be a member. CPS caters to the 'pros' needs. They are very good and very fast. They even loan equipment if you have a real problem.


I do free lance work for our local paper The Gardner News.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Unfortunately I am not a member, I was but didn't fit into the "New" guidelines for members, so I was dropped. Not happy about that but there was nothing I could do, I don't meet the requirements of more than 50% of my income from Photography.

Gardner News? I used to shoot for the Community Journal before they shut down, I now do work for the Lunenburg Ledger

It was my understanding that the base membership was free as long as you have a 1 series camera.

I am currently at the 'Gold' level which serves me well. I think you should still check it out. There are some private camera repair shops around but none as good as CPS.


Precision Camera Repair
11500 Rojas Drive, Suite A
El Paso, TX 79936


Midwest Camera Repair

318 Oak Street Wyandotte,
MI 48192
EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Maybe they changed it due to complaints.  When they first made the change over, they dropped me, I received a letter confirming the drop.  But I will check it out again to see, I might not have had the Mark IIN at the time, so things may be different now.  Thanks for the info, I will definitely check it out.