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SD Card Not recognizing in computer or camera

New Contributor

Hello all,

   I'm sure this is not he first time this has happened so if someone can kindly point me in the direction of a similar thread or relate their attepts/outcomes that would be fantastic.


I've got an SD Card, used inside a Canon 5D mk3. I was shooting video, shot video, played back on caemra, all is fine and dandy. Remove card, put into my Mac Pro, get error message card not recognized, must be formatted. Thought, that's weird, put it back in camera that card worked fine in, camera now says card not recognized must be formatted. Put it back in Mac, same error, pull up disk utillity, card appears on the side panel, but no partition is registering.


So basically it appears as though the EOS partition on my card somehow got violated and is no longer functioning. Does anyone know of any software to recover this?


Thank you all for yoru time in advance,



Frequent Contributor

Search the internet for "SD card recovery program" and you will likely find what you need.

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Photorec is open source and costs 0 $. Anyway, after you have recovered the card, low level format it in your camera.

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Also suggest you make it SOP to format in camera before any important shoot.

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