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Rebel t7 part catalog

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Hey everyone!

Im attempting to repair my wifes Rebel t7 and based on the support call and some research on err 30, the shutter assembly group needs replacing. I feel comfortable doing the repair but I cant find any documentation on the part numbers for the internal components of the camera. Even support had no clue,needless to say i got transfered to a parts depart and got no one. So if you can feel my pain waiting on hold in a support queue. Anyone out that can point me in the right direction you would be a blessing.


Hello, Lala420.


We do not recommend DIY repairs on your Rebel. The service manual is proprietary, therefore you will not find it on this site. 


If your Rebel requires service, please sign into your My Canon Account and send it to our facility to allow a trained Canon employee perform the repair. You can start the process at

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"We do not recommend DIY repairs on your Rebel."


You need to heed Stephen's advice and let Canon do the repair.  Besides even if you can replace the shutter assemble, not that difficult of a task, you will not be able to calibrate it.

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Thanks you all.