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R5: Unable to copy 4K 120fps files to iPad

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In my workflow for video files shot on the Canon R5 on the CFExpress card, I attach the USBC CFExpress card reader to the iPad, and insert the card from the camera. In the iPad Photos app, it shows up as a device and shows the thumbnails of the still and videos stored on the card. I can select a 4K video and import them into the Photos app and then use the standard Apple iMovie editor other 3rd party apps like Filmmaker Pro.

However, it shows an error exclamation mark and doesn’t import any 4K 120fps or 8K videos. I am able to import them to my iMac. I prefer the mobility of my iPad for short street or bird videos. I have tried CLog Off as well as CLog settings and the result is the same failure. I must be doing something incredibly stupid. Any solution appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙏
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Have you looked at LumaFusion for the iPad?

John Hoffman
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Are you sure you even need to deliver 8K to iPads? That's rather pointless since the max possible resolution of an iPad (12.9 inch) is 2732 x 2048 which is less than 4K.


8K I believe is currently just an acquisition format and really not yet meant for delivery.  Especially not to mobile devices.


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Excellent point, Ricky!


All the devices including my 4K TV are all downscaling the video anyway and hence I don't see any discernable difference between the 8K and 4K video on my TV. And one will see far less on iPad Pro (1st Gen 11") and iPhone 12 Pro. That settles it! I will shoot in 4K HQ mode and 4K 120Hz mode on my Canon R5. No more 8K. And edit in Lumafusion. 


Thanks everyone! Appreciate the guidance very much.

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