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Pairing a canon EOS 1300D to a laptop computer


Hi, I am attempting to conect my dslr EOS 1300d to my laptop. I have pluged the camera into the comp., gone into EOS utility, clicked on utility launcher, the conect box comes up, I then click on pairing and when the next box comes up, with camera model, mac, IP address, the conect botton is greyed out. Can any one advise please?  



Are you making a USB connection or a WIFI connection? You don't need to "pair" with a usb connected camera.

Hi KV Barkley, I am gtrying to connect my camera with a usb cable, with not much success, any info you may have as to how to do this would be greatly appreciated. The camera is conected to my windows 10 64b laptop. Should I disable the wi fi? I do have all the Canon software installed  and my ultimate aim is to use the camera as a web cam. As you may have guessed by now I am very new to all this thech. Any information will be much appreciated.


KInd regards


Trev B

Turn off Wifi on the camera.


A Canon DSLR does not make a good web cam. You cannot stream video from it.

Hi, KVBarkley, I do not intend streaming, from the camerea, I just want to use it as a webcam for recording through OBS. If you think this is not a good idea, I would be pleased to receive your thoughts on the matter. Thank you once again nfor your input.


Kind regards


Trev B

What is OBS?

OBS is Open Broadcast Service. Which is a streaming and recording app., which is a fantastic program for recording, giving access to several video capture devices, screen captures, images etc: all in the same video. The only reason I want to use my camera is; I am informed, that it records in HD, which hopefully will give a better result than a bog standard webcam. I have studied several tutorial video's on UTube, showing canon items used but none showing the EOS 1300D. Even if I can't use it as a  webcam I would still like to know how to connect it to my computer.


Kind regards


Trev B 

Are you sure you are using a standard USB cable and not a charging cable?




Hi KV, I am still having problems, I am using the usb cable that was provided with the camera, I have attempted to follow the instructions you kindly sent me but I didn't get off first base. The computer is not recognising the camera. it is not showing either in devices or printers or devices in the settings menu. I have tried the cable in all of my USB ports all to no avail. Could the camera be faulty or could it be something to do with my computer?


Kind regards


Trev B