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Need some emergency advice - EOS Rebel T7 left out in storm


I have a Canon revel t7 and it was accidentally left outside and it stormed that night and now the camera will not turn on. Could anybody give me any kind of advice or give me some good news that maybe it's a miracle and it can be fixed?



Hi and welcome to the forum:
Generally, if an electronic device gets wet, that is the end.  You can try drying it out in a warm (not hot) enclosed space for a couple of days, but the damage will have been done and components inside the camera will start to oxidize.  If you have the standard lenses on them, the soaking will likely result in the onset of fungus within the optics which is also terminal.
Your best bet is to make an insurance claim and get a replacement unit.

cheers, TREVOR

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Not a foolproof way to dry it. The old "bury in rice" won't take all moisture out. As Tronahrd states, leave it out for a couple of days and see what it does. Oxidation of the connections, etc., will sound the death knell, though. Check with your insurance agent to see if it is covered with your homeowner's policy or renter's policy. Good luck and hope things work out for you.

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All you can probably do is take that card out and recover any images.

I guess now is the time to go mirrorless.

I seem to get cameras wet every 3 or four years so I can upgrade. 8^) Last time was a T3i that got splashed in a tide pool with a rogue wave.

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