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My t5i/700D won't turn on

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I have been having problems with my Canon T5i/700d mine personally is a 700D and I'm having problems with it so I have bought this camera about 4 or 5 months ago and I'm already having problems so my Camera won't turn on I've tried a new battery and changed the sd card with my camera it won't turn on without my extended grip so I'm just confused on what's going on here


If the camera is only a few months old, then contact Canon Support,  instead of a user forum.

Make sure you have a fully charged, genuine Canon battery.  Make sure your battery and memory card compartment doors are closed.   Make sure the rubber eyecup on the viewfinder is properly seated, too.


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" I have bought this camera about 4 or 5 months ago ..."


It is still under warranty. Call Canon support.  If there is a problem with the T5i, they will take care of it.  If it is something you are doing wrong, they will take care of it.

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