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My 10 month old Canon EOS Rebel T2i is sucking my batteries empty after just a few pictures.

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It's more like the battery is dying. Get another battery to test out.

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It does it to both of my batteries

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Are you using "live view" mode or are you using using the viewfinder?  


It will last a LOT longer if you use the viewfinder (live view mode drains a lot more power), and I'm not sure how many pictures is "a few", but you should easily be able to take several hundred pictures on a fresh healthy battery.


Batteries are like the tires on your car.  Though the wear is very slight, they do have a limited life (usually in terms of the number of charge cycles.)


Was your T2i and batteries purchased from a previous owner or was this truely a brand new camera?  I ask because the symptoms really sound like the batteries are old (you would normally get years of use out of it before the batteries don't want to keep much of a charge anymore.


I'm also wondering how often you charge them.  Since the battery life is based on charge cycles, you don't necessarily want to be charging them more often then necessary.  I only charge the batteries when the indicator shows they're finally getting a bit depleted -- I don't charge my camera after every use.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks for the feedback.
My camera was purchased from Amazon, new. I saw on here where you can reset the camera back to factory settings. I did that and it has helped. I think that the battery door must have been ajar, because it seems to be working better. Thanks again!