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M50 will not connect to any Mac

New Contributor

I have tried every single solution I have seen posted online, nothing works. Yesterday, it magically connected to EOS Utility 3 and then when I switched computers, its refused to connect to the new computer, the computer it was working on, or my wife's computer. Things tried so far: 

  • Turning off camera WiFi
  • Tried at least 10 different cables
  • Tried 2 different USB adapters on MacBook Pro 
  • Tried direct USB connections on Macbook Air and iMac
  • Have updated firmware on camera
  • Have turned camera LCD around and closed so that the screen does not show
  • Have restarted computer multiple times
  • Have formated memory card
  • Have uninstalled and reinstalled Utility app multiple times
  • Have checked to see I HDMI out works - it does. 

Help please! This is too expensive of a camera to not work as advertised. 


Honored Contributor

Have you tried running image capture and then plugging in the camera?

New Contributor
Same issue here and went through the same things as well.
The camera just freezes when connected to USB and nothing else works....