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How do you reset Canon Eos T5 back to factory settings. it is not under menu


The answer I found here is to look under Menu settings tab 3 tools and clear settings.   My tab 3 starts out with"protect images" and goes on to show more about images.  Where is the tools tab?



Do you have a yellow hammer looking tab?  That is the 'Tools' tab.  I don't know if it is the third one or not.  I don't have a T5.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


I don't own a T5, but I'm wondering if you're not seeing the menu due to the camera mode.


What you see in the menus can change depending on the setting of the MODE dial.  Using full automatic (the green box) hides some settings.  Rotate the mode dial to a mode which allows for full customization (e.g. P, Tv, Av, or M mode).



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

I'm sorry.  I asked the question again.  I thought I was supposed to get an email when I got the question. You both set me on the right path.  I did now use the M mode and clicked menu and I see the hammers on two tabs and one has  the clear all camera settings  and clear all Custom Func. (C.Fn)   so now am a bit apprehensive on just which one to click. 


I was able to get Automatic pictures by clicking the "Live" under the Automic setting.  It goes through a couple stages and the screen goes black and then the green square and I click for the pictures.   I am really a beginner here.  And have wanted one of these cameras for so long and want to find out how to use one and have figured out a lot. 


I recently bought it on QVC and my friend did too.  I looked at hers today and we took an A picture in a very very very low light setting and it was perfect on her camera.  I want mine to take A pictures since I am so new, I don't/can't want to work on settings when a take a quick photo of kids, dog, etc.  I don't think anything is wrong with the camera...the settings though were not right when it was sent.  I did not know enough to click the menu button in different Modes.


Thank you for your help, it definitely was very helpful.  Now I don't know just which each setting says.  A HUGE thank you again.  I'll not wait for an email notification again.  I will check back often.

"... clear all camera settings  and clear all Custom Func. (C.Fn)   so now am a bit apprehensive on just which one to click."


Both!  If you want it back to factory defaults.  If your camera was brand new it had to come with it set to factory defaults.  It's not possible for any other setting unless it was handled.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

thank you for your help and reply.  I did click the clear all settings and it put it back evidently to what it was like when I received it.  I had thought and still think that it should take really low level photos on A+ with no changes anyplace.  I think that because my little Canon I carry in my purse does.  I did click the many multi grid layout and now for some reason it will take low level light pictures.  That setting has all the little boxes around the big boxes.  So evidently when even one of those little boxes turns green, I can take a good clear shot.  It does flash first and the screen goes black, then comes back on showing green in some of the boxes and I then click for the photo.


I guess then, I am set to go if I leave the A+ setting with that grid.    I did not find this instruction in any of their material.  I might have missed it.  My friend bought one at the same time and she did not do anything with her camera and can take low level light pictures without changing anything in her camera.  I guess I will keep the camera and hope nothing else interfers with my settings in the M or other modes.   Thank you again...I appreciate your time and knowledge that you shared with me. 

Mary Lou, If you have concerns, return it.  Even if it is just piece of mind.  Both cameras should operate exactly the same if they are identical cameras.  Both identical lenses?  Right?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

She ordered hers about six months before I did.   I had always wanted one and I really wasn't a copy cat, I just decided that now was the time.  When I ordered mine, it came with Photoshop 12 too.  Hers did not.  So that influenced my buying too.  I had been using Microsoft Digital Standard 2006 that came with a computer and it was getting so that it was not doing everything it used to do, so I knew I would have to look into something else as a picture editor.  So I would be returning that too and having to buy it again since it can be used only one computer at a time.  There is an online program called GIMP which I could try to familiarize myself with too though.  It is very similar to PhotoShop.


I appeciate your thoughts on returning it.  I think these package deals all have the same lens.  This package comes with two lenses.  I haven't tried that yet.  It is not stabzlized, so that is not a plus.  They put together a pacakge every now and then and include a camera bag and maybe something else like Elements 12.  it definitely is a beginners camera and I am definitely a beginner.  I didn't and couldn't spend any more money on a camera, so this was a big step for me and I don't think I will ever advance to any other higher grade camera.  You will notice in the story it especially mentions low level light....which I knew I wanted because of my living room. 


When I first bought a digital camera in 2002 I bought one and it would not take pictures in my living room, so I am super sensative to that.  Also many years ago, I bought a Kodak that would not take good pictues indoors.  I was in Washington DC and it wouldn't take pictures of the dinosaurs in the Smithsonian.  I sent pictures to Kodak and they would do nothing.   I don't know why I have such tough luck with cameras, so your thoughts on sending it back are very valid.  I finally did buy a nice Vivitar 35mm that worked good for me for many years.  It had a sliding lens cover that finally just would not open. Decided then it was time to buy another and bought a Canon silver colored point and shoot.  It is a really good camera. Just as good as my purse camera now.   I just have always wanted a camera to take pictures of clouds and flowers and just have fun taking pictures to see what I could turn up with.


So as frustrating as I am and you can see from my above experiences, I may just throw in the towel and be happy with my little Canon that I carry in my purse. 


Here is a link to what I have. I know I should buy a camera at a camera store, but there isn't one for 150 miles.

OK, pretty nice kit.  I teach a DSLR 101 class in the Summer and that is a popular kit with lots of Mom's and Grandmom's.  Probably second to the Rebel T3i kit in popularity.

But you must make sure your friend's kit is "exactly" the same one as yours or it won't opertate exactly the same.  Even if just a small thing like an (i) in the name.  Such as T5i <--- notice the "i" ?  ALso the exact same lenses?

Your kit can produce some great pictuers but it is not the greatest for low light.  Sorry but the truth be known.  A good thing is you can add better low light lens at any time and you will be all set.


Very important if you want the best it can do, learn how to use that copy of Photoshop Elements 12.  It will make all the difference in so-so and WOW.


All the best,


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

yes, I fit into that age category.  Probably a lot of women this age watch the shopping channels.  I have seen it on there for a couple years.  Yes, both my friend and I have the T5.  Another gal at PhotoClub has th T5i.  I looked into that before I bought and it cost about $100 more.  It must do something a lot better.  But it as a stretch on the budget to buy this one.  I did read someplace that a lot of people thought the T3i was probably one of the cameras in that range that everone liked.  I guess my choices for buying a camera were, ebay, QVC or HSN.  All, have good return policies too and that means a lot to me when buying something I am unfamiliar with.


It is so good you teach a class.  I wished someone here did and also wished someone taught PhotoShop.   We have a Photo Club of about 25 people and everyone seems to have a different type camera.  One lady who was a professional photographer just bought a new Nikon as a Christmas present for herself.  We are a motley group...some good...some like me who just like to take pictures.


YouTube has been helpful in PhotoShop lessons, although some real life hands on lessons would be good.  I'm going to have to learn because my Microsoft Digital Standand 2006 is losing a lot of its click on helps.  I wanted to make a collage the other night and they have cut that way back to only four or five selections rather than the 20 or so choices I used to have. 


Thank you for the suggestion about a low light lens.  So far the only low light situations I have run into have been my own living room.  Otherwise, everything seems to turn out well   I probably will be a A+ person for quite some time until I really get it figured out, because I don't want to ruin a bunch of pictures.


I am glad you think this is a good camera. With help, I have not got it set up so I can take Christmas pictures.  Thank you so much...and I envy your knowing so much.  I will be learning.  And I've learned a lot here from you...thank you again.  🙂

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