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Help a newbie choose please... SL3 vs M50


Hello All!


I have always wanted to take on photography as a hobby but have never been able to afford it. My kids are grown and grandbabies are here so I thought now would be a great time to splurge a little and start a hobby I have always dreamed about. I am not a rich man but have given myself around a $1000 (give or take) to find a good starter camera. If I love the hobby like I think I will, I can grow in the future but for now this is a good starting point.


The main reason I am starting this hobby now is in the next 2 years I will be crusing to Alaska and Mexico, going to Hawaii and Disney World. I want to have a nice camera to capture these events as well as grandkids sporting events (13 yo, 10 yo, and 6 yo). I plan to use my camera equally for photographs and for video.


I have been researching via youtube and online courses so I know some of the basics and have a VERY general undertsanding of the terminology. At this time I am planning on either the SL3 or the M50 (leaning towards SL3 for cost reasons... want to keep them low if possible). I want to list the positive and negatives, as this newbie understands, so I know how important the pros and cons are for my situation so I can make a well educated choice.


  • SL3 is a DSLR and M50 is mirrorless. I understand the differences as far as what they are and size wise but does one take better pictures than the other?
  • M50 records HD at 24 FPS while SL3 does not (NTSC). This seems to be a point of controversy. They say 24 FPS is for cinematic video. I plan to do basic youtube and family videos. Is this that big an issue in my situtaion.
  • I heard that SL3 records 25 FPS in PAL. The difference between 24 and 25 doesnt seem that big a deal to a newb. If I switch to PAL, is there a difference in quality or anything why I wouldnt just switch if wanting the 25 FPS? I live in California if that matters.
  • SL3 seems to have a better array of lenses that are more affordable. The M50 you have to add an adapter to get all SL3 lenses or use the more expensive EF-M lenses. If I use the adapter, does the picture quality suffer at all with this adapter. Cost wise is like the SL3 but if the adapter doesnt make a difference, the M50 may be more manageable.
  • SL3 seems to have a much better battery. Again, for cost and sanity purposes, I like the fact that the battery life is better.
  • M50 seems to have better image stabilization (in-body). This seems like an important difference but not sure how big of a difference. With the SL3 lens syabilization, will that be good enough for my generic use. I dont like when I get hand shake in my videos but not sure how big a difference between the two really is.
  • The burst shooting on the M50 is twice as good. For my Alaska and grands soccer shots, I may want a better burst. Is this something that is an important thing or will 5 FPS be suffice?
  • SL3 has eye detection while M50 does not. I am not sure if eye detection in general is that much
    better. I plan to get better and learn more but I dont think eye focus should sway my decision.
  • SL3 hot shoe is missing a pin meaning you have to use Canon only flash. This can cause more cost to the SL3. The SL3 has a built in flash. Is this a good enough flash or will I need to get a better flash and this is something I need to worry about when it comes to cost. I alsi have to think that 3rd party companies will eventually develop for this hot shoe.
  • Neither are weather resistant. I am fearful with going to so many different environments over the next few year I may have an issue and my camera be ruined. How easy is it to have a weather related issue with the cameras? Should I put some sort of cover over the camera if I get the rain of Alasake or the sand of the Hawaian beaches?
  • I like these two cameras because of their capabilities and the cost. For $1000 I cam get the camera in a bindle to provide more lenses and gear. Would it be better to go up to a better camera and have fewer lenses/gear or for my purposes, stick with the lower level cameras?

I apolgize for this being so long but I am hoping to get myself better educated before the Black Friday sales come!


Thanks... Bubba



I don't think the M50 has IBIS (image stabilization internal to the body). That is a feature of the newer R series.


I would go with the SL3. Any lenses you get (EF-S) can be used on EF-S mounts and R mounts (with an adapter). EF-M lenses can only be used on M cameras.

The camera (M50) does have IBIS From an Fstoppers article. (Please note this deals with the Mark II)  "If you fancy a good stabilization system, the EOS M50 won't let you down with its five-axis IBIS and digital IS. You can shoot up to 7.4 frames per second with full AF capabilities or 10 frames per second when the AF lock is activated."

According to Canon's own specifications for the M50MkII, it does NOT have IBIS.  It was a much speculated feature, which is where I have seen an f-Stoppers article, but that did not eventuate according to the Canon Specs page and a search of the M50II Advanced User Guide.
REF: Canon : Product Manual : EOS M50 Mark II (

cheers, TREVOR

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I think it would be better to go with a better camera and fewer lenses, compared to a lesser camera and more lenses.


You can also compare specs of two cameras on web sites like B&H, which also have a seeminlgy complete list of all of Canon's published specifications for the two cameras.  I recommend this bundle as a good starter kit. 


But, there are better camera kits and combos out there at the next price tier, about $1250 USD.


If you select a camera bag, pick one that can hold twice the amount gear you currently have.  Some bags include rain/dust covers.  I like the Lowepro Nova Series of shoulder bags.

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I am not a fan of the "M" series either.


I also like the idea of buying more camera upfront.    


T7i (1080p) or T8i for 4K video.


I use a Lowenpro Slingshot Edge 250BW for daily carry when out and about.

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I agree with Rick.

"I am not a fan of the "M" series either." 

I still see the M series as a dead end and like others say it is its own lens system. However that said I also think the EF/EF-S is dead.  That does make for a tough decision for today's camera buyer. I lean towards the EF/EF-S side though given that choice I doubt there will be any new EF type lenses made either so you have what you have currently available. I polished my crystal ball only this morning, too!


I would strongly recommend you handle a SL3 before you buy one, They are way too small for my liking but you may differ. I would steer you towards the 90D or Rebel T8i.  The 90D is a fine camera and will always be a fine camera.


"..., I can grow in the future but for now this is a good starting point."


Sometimes a good starting point can be more expensive than buying something that will actually grow with you.  That is why I am going to recommend you look at and check out one of the R series camera and lenses. If you do "love the hobby like I think I will" you will almost assuredly buy a better camera later. Buying twice? I have not checked R prices lately and I know some are more, way more, than your $1000 but this is the direction that Canon and digital cameras are going. It just may wind up the cheapest way to go.


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

"I lean towards the EF/EF-S side though given that choice I doubt there will be any new EF type lenses made either so you have what you have currently available. I polished my crystal ball only this morning, too!"


He's right.  The future of EF/EF-S lenses looks grim.  Canon USA no longer the EF 70-20mm f/4L USM on its' web site.  I noticed that many of the consumer primes are no longer being offered, too.  Get them while they're hot.

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@kvbarkley wrote:

What are you talking about?

Their filters are flawed.  I looked at medium telephoto lenses, and the 70-200mm lenses came up, but not the f/4.


[EDIT] I still don't see 70-200mm f/4 non-IS lens listed. 

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