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External Mic Selection - No Mic Port

New Contributor

I currently own an EOS Rebel T3 (NOT T3i) and want to run with an external microphone. The body does not have a jack for an external mic, so I'm not quite sure what to do. Are there any microphones that have a built-in sd slot so it can record its own audio, and then I can sync up audio and video in post-processing? Or do you think I can open up the camera and install my own mic port, overriding the built-in mic? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Honored Contributor

Your best bet would be a Zoom or TASCAM stereo microphone/recorder.


We can't recommend that you add a mic jack to your camera.



New Contributor
You should look to sell the T3, you can probably upgrade for less than a fancy audio recorder and that would save you a bunch of time in post.