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EOS R6 Mark II - Firmware requests for clean HDMI, crop options, proxy recording


Will Canon have a FIRMWARE UPDATE to address the following:

01) Enable clean HDMI out while enabling recording on camera memory card at the same time while LCD is still on to maintain focus and monitoring from LCD
02) Adding custom crop options in guides section, as content creators for social media need different crops and thye will need on camera markers for proper framing.
03) Enabling Proxy recording on second SD card or even same SD card to enhance the instant on the go editing experience for content creators.

Will this ever happen, or am i using the wrong device,

Background information about my struggle:
I bought the ACCSOON Nano Wireless image transmitter / video monitor that requires HDMI cable connection for monitoring, but when i enable HDMI output on both camera LCD and HDMI out - it disables the recording capability in side the camera and ACCSOON is not a video recorder, so i basically left with the second option is to send HDMI to external monitor only, while LCD screen is OFF - no touch autofocus noting !!! i tried some workaround stuff but really it is not taking me anywhere...
The R5 has that option - but image quality is worse and really not worth the upgrade ... it is not a better camera for me.

Any reply or even hints are most welcomed everybody 🙂



If the camera doesn't have the hardware for Clean HDMI out. You cannot add it in firmware after the fact. I'm not sure if the R6 Mark II supports Clean HDMI out. Forum members can comment if they know if it does or doesn't support it.


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so you seem to confirm that i have to buy another camera for this purpose ?

Rising Star
Rising Star

Eos R6 Mark II already has aspect markers that can be turned on to give you guides for framing when shooting. 

It has 1:1, 4:5, 5:5 9:16 and 2.35:1 markers only though, not custom ratios. 

With the camera in movie mode, go to the red Shoot 7 tab, then select Shooting info display. Scroll down and below recording emphasis you will find Aspect markers.



Brian - Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer

Thank you for stating this,
I was aiming for some use custom markers / where i enter the ratio i need ...
For example the ratio for face book banner or so ...
But thank you in deed 🙂


proxy recording and all-intra would be nice, workflow in video is a nightmare with the r6 mark ii for me


I totally agree, please fix this. I just purchased an R6 Mark II and I was shocked that the camera's display was disabled when external HDMI was connected! My camera shop was also baffled by this. My vision isn't what it used to be and I was excited about the ability to use a larger external display for monitoring while also having the built in screen's touch focus and info. This honestly makes no sense to me.

i actually dont understand, is it really that hard to read feedbacks online like here on canon forums and give customers a prober firmware update, i mean what is your job canon ? 😕 

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