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EOS R50: Camera will not turn on, PLEASE HELP ME


I have a canon r50, which I purchased on march 14th, I am always so careful with it cause it's my first camera and my pride and joy tbh, I took pictures today for a party, and half way through my camera shut off, I didn't bring a second battery but this was just for fun tbh as I am not a professional just starting. I though ok maybe I was not mindful and it was not fully charged when I got there, It's not a big deal right.... ok so i plug battery in pop it back in camera camera turns on two seconds then turns back off while still in on mode, i didn't know what to do, I came home put in a another battery that I know for a fact is fully charged and camera will not turn on AT ALL i am panicking please please somebody guide me here i live in the middle of nowhere i don't even know where i would find somebody who can help tbh. 



Hi and welcome to the forum:

I can understand it must be stressful. I will say that it is not a good idea to install or remove batteries while the camera is turned on. I would suggest the following:
Turn the camera off
Remove both the battery and the SD card and leave it for about half an hour
Reinstall both battery and card
Turn it back on.

A couple of points: 
Assumedly you got one battery with the camera, is the other battery a Canon brand unit too?
Is your SD card a full-size one?  You should use only Full Size SD cards with a camera, and they should be reputable brands: Sandisk, Lexar and Prograde are examples.  Get them from reputable stores and avoid cheap deals on the web - there are lots of counterfeits out there that can cause issues with your camera's operation.

If you are in the US and as you purchased the camera that recently, you should register your camera on the Canon website (see your documentation that came with the camera for details, and contact Canon support 1-800-OK-CANON.  

cheers, TREVOR

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