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EOS R5 future autofocus upgrades


I have an r5, bought Oct 21 and have added all firmware since purchase. I am wondering if there will ever be an upgrade for the autofocus for this body. A suggestion would be to add "birds" to the subject to detect area. I hope that Canon is not going stop supporting this model. There has been so much innuendo about the r5 mk ll that I cannot even guess weather or not I want to go with the new model. Also, the last (ver. 2.0) firmware was underwelming to say the least. Maybe I should just chuck the whole system and get a Z8!!! Any thoughts?



Hi there,

It's understandable to have concerns about autofocus upgrades for your Canon EOS R5 and its future support. Canon typically continues to enhance camera performance through firmware updates, including autofocus improvements. While specific features like bird detection might not be available yet, Canon often listens to user feedback for future updates.

Regarding the potential for an EOS R5 Mark II, Canon's product roadmap and announcements can influence decisions on upgrading. As for firmware updates, while version 2.0 may not have met expectations, Canon regularly refines their updates based on user feedback.

Switching to another system like the Nikon Z8 is a personal choice based on your needs and preferences. Consider evaluating both systems' features, lens availability, and ecosystem compatibility before making a decision.

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